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generates container files from arbitrary sets of files and folders. Such files match exactly the size of the contained material and can be mounted by VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt, and also directly extracted using TruPax itself. Latter works for containers formatted with FAT32 too, thanks to fat32-lib. For all of that there are no administrator rights required when using TruPax.

The generated file system of the containers is UDF, which is supported by all of the modern operating systems. Most of them support writing - meaning files in a container can also be deleted or new ones added. TruPax can wipe files after container generation, or just as a separate action. You can also invalidate any container with it very quickly.

The installation is simple and optional, thus TruPax is highly portable. Next to the UI there is a command line version, and with it TruPax can be used in fully automated scenarios. TruPax works fast and is capable to use all available cores. Containers get generated in just one pass. TruPax is a completely independent implementation of the VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt logic.

Download version 9 C for Windows, MacOS, Linux or GPLv3 Source Code.

Bad Peggy

scans images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF) for damages and other blemishes, and shows the results and files instantly. It enables you to find such broken files quickly, inspect and then either delete or move them to a different location. You can choose between English, German and Czech (translation by Petr VoboĊ™il) as your language.

Download version 2.3 for Windows, MacOS, Linux or GPLv3 Source Code.



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